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The Pet Convincer was extensively tested at Play and Stay Pet Care Center, our Dog Daycare and Pet Boarding facility where group play is encouraged.  We used the Pet Convincer with great success to interrupt most common dog behavior problems such as, jumping on the staff, rough play, excessive barking and more. We even sent the Pet Convincer with a few clients to use in the home environment. They reported back that they had success using this device for behavior correction.
The Pet Convincer is the most effective, safe and humane dog training device we have seen in use, and it always delivered immediate results.  We are looking forward to carrying this product in the future.
Dan Limer
Play and Stay Pet Care Center

Play and Stay Pet Care Center
1705 Austin Drive
Troy, MI  48083

I recently worked with Alternative Canine Training and the best tool I received was the Pet Convincer. For me it is invaluable. I am able to correct my dog in a way that is not physically aggressive, not punitive, and so easy to use. Without raising my voice and without any delay, I can make a quick correction. One quick puff of air at her shoulder is all it takes. It is an immediate attention getter and refocuses effectively. It has extinguished undesirable behaviors, such as, being aggressive with other dogs and jumping on people. I won’t leave home without it when I walk my dog. It is useful in keeping her properly behaving and a defense against other dogs that might be aggressive. It fits in a pocket and can easily be carried. For such a small object, it is a huge help!

- Marilyn Faust

The Pet Convincer was intensively tested at the Pet Ritz Lakeshore Resort facility. We used it to stop common dog behavior problems such as: barking, stealing, mounting, rough play, aggression, jumping on people, and much more. I must say that before the Pet Convincer we used spray bottles with water to little or no result.

When we put the Pet Convincer to the test, the results were instant and consistent. It truly accomplishes what it promises, works like magic. My staff and I became big fans of the Pet Convincer and are excited to start selling them.

Pet Ritz Lakeshore Resort is a full service facility including dog training, doggy daycare, boarding, grooming, massages, and more. 

Jimmy Coates
General Manager


As a professional dog trainer I have used this device on every single behavior problem imaginable, including aggression.  In every case the Pet Convincer solved the problem quickly and permanently! It’s so easy to use and it’s completely harmless to the dog and even us humans.  I recently had the chance to use it on my parent’s new puppy, Tia. Tia thought it would be fun to pull the bark out of the artificial trees and to bark nonstop while inside her crate.  Once again, the Pet Convincer worked like a charm!  The best part is that I only needed to use it twice.  Just two corrections with the Pet Convincer and the problems were solved!  It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Karen Biddinger
Professional Dog Trainer
A.C.T. Executive Assistant
IACP Member

This device provides a unique and painless way to interrupt unwanted behavior. It has been very useful in working with dogs who were unresponsive to other methods and provided an immediate response, allowing for faster behavior modification. Convenient and easy to use, the Pet Convincer can be an amazing tool to change your pet's "channel" from bad to good!

Donna Spark
Director of Services - Michigan Dog Training
Senior Behavior Specialist
17 Years Experience - Training Instructor


Dear Vladae,

I just want to take a minute and THANK YOU for allowing us to get your fabulous Pet Convincer during the testing.  Before we got them (we got two so each of us could have one nearby), our two Maltese were constant barkers...our home was chaos every time someone came to the door or visited…walks were a nightmare.  We have tried everything from shock collars to citronella spray and NOTHING worked until the Convincer. It did not take long before they only had to take a quick glance at it or get a surprise spray of air and they immediately stopped barking.  We worked with them every time they barked and now I am happy to report, while they slip up once in a while, they are really 100% better and our home is not chaotic.  Thank you and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with an animal…. I even got one for my daughter away at college who has a kitten that kept biting…it worked to stop that behavior, too. 

Thank you again,
Nancy Meyer

I am writing to let you know how happy I am to have discovered the Pet Convincer.  I have found it to be effective and humane with the dogs that I train.  My clients are amazed at the instant results and the ease of use.  It has eliminated jumping, nipping, inappropriate chewing and excessive barking.  Thanks again for this great product.

Cindy Hoppes
Pawsitively Good Pup, dog and puppy training
Happy at Home Petsitting Inc

Berea Ohio
IACP 2430 professional member
Petsitters International member since 1999



Yes, it came and I have already given out information to my "dog and cat" friends... I guess it is pre-release information. They are going to check out your website.
I did try it on my dog...only twice as she is a quick learner. First, she was venturing in the kitchen while I was cooking. I know she wanted to jump up and take a look as to what might be on the counter... I gave her a quick "puff" and she nearly jumped out of her fur.  She ran out of the kitchen... a few minutes later tried coming back in and I simply showed her the "convincer" and she ran out and went to sleep on her couch.
The next time was on a walk... (I don't want her to be afraid of me so I made sure she saw the "convincer"... She came upon another dog and did her normal "bark, bark, pull, pull, pull.... I gave her one puff and she jumped - looked at the "convincer" - looked at me and the rest of the walk (by another dog) was perfect.
I am a believer and so is my dog.
I am sure when it appears in our May issue it will be of great interest.
Vivian Balam
Senior Beacon
PO Box 904 or 100 Summer Street
Milford, NH 03055

I am convinced

I received a sample of this product for review.  As the owner of outrageous dogs I thought I would give this a try.  While my dogs are not allowed on furniture, they do have the nasty habit of jumping up on their gate (which they have demolished), barking at the fence, and urinating where they shouldn’t.

As soon as it arrived a took a look.  It is as small as a kitchen crème brulee torch, and as light.  It sounds like a hissing cobra and to be honest my children found it very entertaining (and did contemplate training them with it, especially the mouthy 9 year old).

Day one I was sitting at the kitchen table when my Pekingese decided to start jumping at the gate and barking at me, one poof in her direction and she went to sit down, staring at me.

Day two my Boston Terrier and Pekingese were both barking at the fence at two dogs that really need convincing – my husband walked out and poofed them both, the barking stop and they went to sit at the other end of the fence.

The rest of the week went pretty much the same. When we were able to get to them and their problem behavior – the burst of air (not even near their shoulder, it could be further away we found) stopped them in their tracks.

A key to training anything though is consistency, and there is where our problem lies.  Whether we were to use The Convincer or other methods – we would need to be more consistent with our training methods.  The Convincer is definitely a humane training tool, I poofed it at my own face to test and it is basically a cool stream of air with a soft hissing noise.

This product is definitely a tool to aid in training your pet, of course nothing is a substitute for sound advice and consistency.



Hi, It's Robert the chihuahuaman. As an owner of six small chihuahuas, if the Pet Convincer can work for me, it can work for anyone, at anytime, for any type of dog or number of dogs! It's changed our lives and if you get one, I guarantee it will change yours. The first time you use it - you will be amazed. Don't forget the verbal command first :-)
                                    Robert Bayer Newport Beach CA

Good morning! I am a board member and volunteer with Eskie Rescuers United. One of our executive directors ordered Pet Convincer and was very impressed with the response of her dogs. After sharing her experience with the group, we now have many members (including me!) who are interested in purchasing the Pet Convincer. We are a nationwide rescue that relies on foster homes. Many of the dogs that come into our rescue have not been properly socialized and our foster homes provide training to make these dogs more likely to be adopted. Do you offer any discount for rescue organizations or group sales?

Jenny House
Fundraising Coordinator
Eskie Rescuers United

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