Pet Convincer™ FAQ

Is the Pet Convincer safe to use on my dog?

Yes. It is the safest and most humane training device when used properly.

Is the Pet Convincer difficult to use on my dog?

No. All that needs to be done is aim the Pet Convincer at your dog's shoulder blade, press the trigger lever, and your dog will stop fussin'!

Does the Pet Convincer universally work on every size dog?

We are confident it works on all dogs (behavior is controlled on over 99% of all canine breeds). We haven't received any complaints about this issue. The customer's satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and we do have a full money back refund.

Does it work on any dog personality?

Yes, but if you are unsure about your dog, then always use it from a long distance with less pressure applied to the Pet Convincer trigger lever.

Does the Pet Convincer deliver permanent results?

Yes. According to statistics that measure the repetitive nature of dog habits, when you catch your dog performing a bad habit, it takes three to four consecutive correction of a single habit to break it.

How can I correct my dog's bad behavior with the Pet Convincer if I am not around?

The best way to use the Pet Convincer in this situation is to set the problem up and correct it. For instance, if your dog likes to steal food from your dinner table when you aren't around, set up the dinner table with food on it and spy on your dog from a nearby room. Once he approaches the food, shout a word that sounds like "Ahhhhggtt!!!" and release a convincing, approximately one second burst (blast) of air from the Pet Convincer. If you win a few of these specific battles, you will win the war!

Can the Pet Convincer work from any distance?

Yes, it can. The Pet Convincer employs a unique mixture of acoustic sound inaudible to humans and air. If you want a much longer range, then you should get the acoustic head attachment that connects to the end of the nozzle of the Pet Convincer with one simple hand motion.

NOTE: The acoustic head attachment for the Pet Convincer is in redevelopment - projected 2010 release for purchase directly from our website.

Will the Pet Convincer stop my cat from scratching up my furniture?

Yes! It works on cats like magic.

Are the Pet Convincer cartridges replaceable?

Yes. They can be purchased at certain bicycle stores or directly off the  website for less money.  Do not purchase BB/air gun or air rifle cartridges from sporting goods stores; these contain impurities which could cause harm to your pet and/or damage the Pet Convincer.

How long does one cartridge last?

Each cartridge lasts about 25 bursts approximately. This depends though on how long and hard you press the trigger lever for a burst.

If I have a question about the Pet Convincer can I get support?

Yes. Canine Innovations Inc. provides excellent customer service over the phone and through e-mail on our website  If you have questions about the Pet Convincer please call 1-734-604-2590.

WARNING: Please do not use a common compressed air cleaning device to train your dog. Those devices contain chemicals/gases (not air) that might be harmful to animals. They also do not create the unique acoustic effect the Pet Convincer does.


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